sea world, gold coast - day five part I

once again, we managed to start the day early as we'd hoped to cover all the shows, exhibits and rides in sea world at a comfortable pace. note that i've never been there prior to this (i covered the other 'worlds' on gold coast previously) so i imagined it to be like disneyland - big & with plenty to do (i never managed to complete disneyland in a day, ever!) - i guess you can say i was pretty disappointed. before the trip, i spent some time on the website and it 'appeared' to have plenty to do but was not really the case. fortunately, we got a 1-for-1 coupon (A$69 for 2 pax, instead of 1; FOC for claire) from our car rental company for the admission ticket so that made me feel slightly better. :)

me & my lil' princess at the entrance...

daddy & bb tan queuing for tickets

daddy & bb tan onboard the sea world monorail

1st exhibit - the dugong

the battery for the camera died after this point and luckily, we brought along the video camera plus dh has a relatively decent Sony Ericsson phone (with a 3.2 megapixel camera). photos from this point on came from dh's camera phone so pls excuse the quality...

on the carousel for the 1st time (as far as i can remember)

the theme - sesame street beach. as a kid, i enjoyed watching sesame street but now, after being 'tormented' by a certain brat - he watched nothing but elmo (on repeat mode) the whole month i was on confinement last year, i now hate sesame street... ok, i only hate elmo (and the brat), not the rest of the gang...

taking in the view of sea world from the skyway

its the sea lion show!

i will attempt to upload some videos when i find time to convert them on digital format. :P


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