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chace - 6 month's plus

i think its really quite sad to be #2 in the family - i've totally neglected my li'l boy. unlike when we had Claire whereby every milestone (almost) was recorded. Chace is almost turning 7 mths old already and i've barely written about his progress!
so well, for the record - he has been flipping (front & back and vice versa) for a couple of weeks now, sitting upright for a couple of minutes since around CNY and has also crawling backwards slightly - don't have the exact dates that these milestones happened but his first tooth sprouted on 26th Feb 2010! and oh! he will be participating in the same baby contest as Claire (she won that 2 years ago) on 07 Mar 2010!

SNGS Fund Raiser

Just wanna do my part for my alma mater - the reasons for this fund-raising. Pls contribute in any way you can!