Primary 1 school admission exercise for the final time / Discovery of SPD

And so... almost 3 years on, we are just about to register #3 into formal school. Just yesterday, #2's school admin staff called up and requested for us to send over some documents to facilitate the registration. I'm glad that we are spared from the pains of the exercise, having balloted previously for #2 to be admitted to the school of our choice. During that exercise, I was fortunate to be "agonised" only for the first few minutes as his was the 3rd number called out.

Clearly (from the lack of updates), we have been busy in the last couple of years but I am determined to revive this blog - though it would mostly as a platform to share information about Sensory Processing Disorder (or SPD). I've come to realised in the recent months that many things that we take for granted really doesn't come naturally for some. The behaviours labelled as "lazy" and "naughty" for e.g. actually has another story to it.

While primary school has mostly been…

Primary 1 School Admission Exercise for #2

The ministry has been emphasizing that 'Every school is a good school' in Singapore. In the recent years, school rankings have been removed, media no longer provided coverage on the top scorers in major exams and niche programs have been introduced to even neighborhood schools. Unfortunately, most parents (who have gone through the system) aren't convinced. In fact, it would seem like competition has stepped up as the Internet has helped tremendously in the search of information. It's not difficult for 'unofficial' rankings to pop up on various websites and forums by individuals (or groups of individuals) 'manually' compiling the required data (as opposed to the ministry collecting & publishing the information). Competition for primary one vacancies have intensified (could be just the poor planning of the sudden surge in population numbers), with many of the popular schools entering a balloting situation in the earlier phases of registration.

We had …

what a long hiatus!

At the back of my mind, I know that I have not blogged for a super looooonnnnggggg time but looking at my last entry just shocked me. Wow! Its been more than 3 years - the 'littlest' prince already turned 3 earlier this month!

Sorry, sorry, sorry... If you saw my daily schedule, you would totally empathize with me!

the joys (and sufferings) of being pregnant

As we enter the final weeks of what is possibly my last pregnancy (since I really don't know if I have the energy to have another one), it's easy to understand why most people enjoy the 2nd trimester the most. In the 1st trimester, most are busy purging out what they are trying to put into their bodies. Fortunately, I've never had very serious morning sickness - with all 3 pregnancies, the most pronounced symptom that indicated I was carrying a new life was how tired I felt all the time. With Claire, I also clearly remembered that I couldn't bear the taste of normal toothpaste and had to switch to natural herbal ones. With the two boys, life was mostly normal - other than constantly needing to indulge in a siesta every now and then, though this time round, I was quite frequently looking for sour things in my diet. I drank lots of tom yum talay in the initial weeks and that definitely contributed to my weight gain (all that coconut milk!). Up to this point (roughly into…

Return of Maid problems

Someone told me that if I should start to have maid problems again, I should test if I am pregnant because pregnant ladies always have issues with their maid. In this case, you would already know by now that I am indeed pregnant (and in fact, already in my final trimester) and I am starting to be less tolerant of the maid. The truth is, the problems were always there but I chose to close BOTH eyes for the past one year. I kept this maid for so long only because she didn't show any signs that she would abuse my children when I am not around. Not that she does now... but her lack of initiative and cleanliness is getting on my nerves right now, ESP when we are going to welcome a newborn into the family pretty soon. I guess that means the hunt for a new maid will begin soon (at some point...). Once I have sorted out Claire's party this weekend, completed the sale of our property (so that i have one less thing in my mind) and tying up the loose ends at work... another one bites the…

preparing for Claire's 5th birthday

Every year, without fail, Claire will throw me the toughest of challenge for her birthday (last year she asked for a rainbow theme) and this year, because we bought her the movie 'Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue" last year when we were travelling, she decided that she wants a Tinkerbell theme. She won't settle for anything else. I suggested Disney Princess, Hello Kitty, Dora, etc etc but all got rejected. And since the movie was not actually shown in Singapore (I don't recall ever seeing any promotional materials on it), it was practically impossible to find merchandise on the theme. Fortunately, I have this GOOD habit of being prepared so I did ask her way in advance (probably like in Jan or something), I had plenty of time to source for things related to the theme. My only gripe - there was NOTHING that boys can have with a theme like this! Nope, nothing - not Peter Pan (not even remotely popular), not Captain Hook, not even 'Jake and the Neverland Pirate&…

Claire loves to draw

This is Claire's drawing done on LOTS. She told me that this is the 'boomerang bird' in angry bird. Don't ask me why she wrote Chace's name below though. :)