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the joys (and sufferings) of being pregnant

As we enter the final weeks of what is possibly my last pregnancy (since I really don't know if I have the energy to have another one), it's easy to understand why most people enjoy the 2nd trimester the most. In the 1st trimester, most are busy purging out what they are trying to put into their bodies. Fortunately, I've never had very serious morning sickness - with all 3 pregnancies, the most pronounced symptom that indicated I was carrying a new life was how tired I felt all the time. With Claire, I also clearly remembered that I couldn't bear the taste of normal toothpaste and had to switch to natural herbal ones. With the two boys, life was mostly normal - other than constantly needing to indulge in a siesta every now and then, though this time round, I was quite frequently looking for sour things in my diet. I drank lots of tom yum talay in the initial weeks and that definitely contributed to my weight gain (all that coconut milk!). Up to this point (roughly into…