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today marks the third visit to my OB... as with the previous two visits, my heart was filled with anxiety. as a first time mom-to-be, my mind was filled with heaps of questions, largely concerned with the well-being of little one. the very moment i laid eyes on the ultrasound machine and saw the movement of little one, followed by hearing the heartbeat, my heart and mind felt at ease. here's what the scan looks like.

if you look carefully at the scan, its not a complete 'picture' of little one - he/she has grown quite a fair bit and i was told its not really possible to have a full scan of him/her from now on. the scan also showed a different position from the last time (the head was on the left side previously and now, its on the right). as he/she is very active, doc had a hard time trying to capture a clear scan. the only two measurements taken were the head circumference and thigh length, unfortunately, both numbers have now eluded me. the EDD has been pushed back a coup…