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heartache of a nursing mom

i've been nursing claire for more than one year yet today, i relented and allow hb gave her a bottle of FM. today, i broke down and cried continuously - all because she has not been eating well. those who meet us regularly never fail to 'comment' that claire is 'not growing' and i believe many pple think that i'm starving her!

for the record, she is growing - her height and weight has been increasing steadily since birth (albeit slowly) - there was only 2 periods that she lost weight: when we went to thailand during CNY coz she was too busy looking around to eat and NOW - she fell sick for the 1st time on Thursday - her temperature went up to 39.3 degrees celsius on friday midnight/sat morning but by sat afternoon, she was well again. unfortunately with the fever, her appetite that stopped by to visit us when she turned 10 months took off. and if you know how active this bb is, you can probably understand how hard it is for her to put on weight coz in order to …

claire's 1st birthday party

finally got the photos for princess' party (from my friend) - unfortunately there aren't many. :(

I also added a couple of photos that we took after the party... and if i can find a way to convert the video, i'll upload the video clip as well. :)

Happy 1st Birthday!

My princess turned ONE! What an eventful year it has been!

We love you babe! More and more every day!

ps:// we are still waiting for photos from the party! hehe... check back soon!

1st birthday photoshoot

its one week before our little angel's 1st birthday so we took some time off to bring her for a photoshoot... here are some photos have a look!