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New Car

Pragmatic as I am, cars are considered liabilities where we live. I am thankful that we have 2 cars since I have plenty of ferrying to do. My current car will only turn 3 in Jan but we went ahead and booked a new ride today because we will need that additional space on weekends when #4 arrives. Obviously, it helps that we got a good deal during the car expo that was held over the weekend (more than $20K discount + guaranteed COE!). The kids are super excited too, knowing that they will have a little bit more room while commuting, never mind that they aren't that big sized in the first place. It's funny how we ended up with a french lady when we originally had our sights set on the Japanese dude. I guess $$$ talks. At the end of the day (bearing unforeseen circumstances and/or breakdown), the french lady makes more sense if we drive the car to 10 years. In which case, #1 and #2 will both probably get a chance to trash the car in its final years of service with us, if they don&…