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Primary 1 school admission exercise for the final time / Discovery of SPD

And so... almost 3 years on, we are just about to register #3 into formal school. Just yesterday, #2's school admin staff called up and requested for us to send over some documents to facilitate the registration. I'm glad that we are spared from the pains of the exercise, having balloted previously for #2 to be admitted to the school of our choice. During that exercise, I was fortunate to be "agonised" only for the first few minutes as his was the 3rd number called out.

Clearly (from the lack of updates), we have been busy in the last couple of years but I am determined to revive this blog - though it would mostly as a platform to share information about Sensory Processing Disorder (or SPD). I've come to realised in the recent months that many things that we take for granted really doesn't come naturally for some. The behaviours labelled as "lazy" and "naughty" for e.g. actually has another story to it.

While primary school has mostly been…