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Chace is

We are just a couple of days away from Chace turning 22 months ago and he has started singing! It's so funny because there is no tune whatsoever... Just the words to his favorite song. He loves fishes and his sister learnt the song a couple of months back in school and has been singing to him.
I have previously posted on YouTube some other videos of Claire singing when she was about 2 years old... And I really enjoy watching her sing!

more than S$3K later....

this is my latest 'workhorse' - yes, I really use it for work!
it is most unfortunate that we smashed two ipads in 6 months - and I'm quite determined not to let it happen again...
what happened? Oh... we folded up our stroller TWICE with the ipad1 in the basket below (I say 'we' because dh did it the first time and I did it the 2nd time). mega OUCH! instead of getting the serious-looking black folder used for my ipad1 - I got this bright and cheery one for my ipad2 instead...

so that I will NEVER miss it again (the black one blended in with the stroller basket at the bottom so it was easy to forget that its there) and oh! I will NEVER put it there again! It has been safely tucked in my bag ever since I bought it - talk about expensive mistakes!
on a side note, I found a website that sells the LCD part (for a fraction of the cost that I paid to replace it first time round) so I'm going to attempt repairing my ipad1 myself!

updates: and I did manage to replace the br…

Another Champ!

like li'l missy, Chace won the 1st prize in the healthy baby competition even though they were in a different age group category - the goodness of mummy's milk! :)

longkang (i.e. drain) fishing

one of the many ways we entertain our two precious on weekends...

Happy Mother's Day - 08 May 2011

this is the 4th year that I am celebrating as a Mom (in the 1st one, li'l missy was only less than a month old!)... but its the 1st time I'm getting presents... :)

li'l missy made this bracelet for me in playschool - she couldn't wait to give it to me. since she only goes to school on Mon, Tues and Thurs, I received this early present on the 05 May. Thank you sweetie! Mommy loves it...
dh got me a present too - instead of getting one for our wedding anniversary, which falls on 10 May (we've been married for 8 years now!)...
I think its really a present for himself - he has been fascinated with them since he first laid eyes on the Nespresso machines! haha... I don't even really drink coffee to begin with but this machine 'processes' tea capsules too and that's why we chose this over the Nepresso machines. But anyhow, a nice machine to have when my guests come over and I love having people over! I just need to learn how to froth milk in the proper way f…

yikes... its been more than 6 months!

can't believe how long it has been since I last posted... there's plenty to catch up... will do the posts randomly (according to my memory!) starting with our most recent family studio photoshoot.
actually even before li'l missy was borned, I made a mental note to myself about getting photos taken regularly for memory... but me being me with a goldfish-kinda memory (read: pea-sized brain for remembering things), this kinda got forgotten along the way.
even for this recent family photoshoot, it was really because I need to get some 'mugshots' taken for work and the studio happened to have a promotion of sorts and well, you know me, I can never really resists promotions so... :)
I chose to go to the studio on the day li'l Missy turned four for obvious reasons but you know what, the studio still has not sent me her personal shot (that reminds me that I really should be calling them up to check) - I've collected the rest and here are a couple:
family shot
siblings …