one week more

we're left with 1 week to prepare for our little angel's 1st birthday party - so much to do and so little time! her birthday dress has arrived from US, together with her present from grandaunt (with a handwritten note to boot! see below... thank you grandaunt!)... i'm still waiting for the balance balloons to arrive though. :(

today is little angel's birthday according to the lunar calendar and according to traditions, she should be fed 'mee sua' to symbolise eating real food and be seated within a circle of objects including wallet (rich!), ruler (teacher), pen (scholar), calculator (accountant), stethoscope (doctor) and so on... the 1st object picked up by the baby is supposed to be his/her future. if you are interested, read more. early this morning, i went to the market to buy chicken drumstick and 'mee sua' to cook for my little princess. i boiled the broth with chicken drumstick, minced chicken, onion, celery, carrot, broccoli, scallops and red dates. after cooking the 'mee sua' quickly in hot water and adding two hardboiled eggs, this is the final product...

its mighty delicious!! little princess finished half the bowl of 'mee sua' - mummy and chewy helped finish the rest! we did not bother with the 'career selection ceremony' though.

in my previous post, i uploaded the wrong picture - i am planning to get princess the RAINFOREST jumperoo - much nicer and more fun than the other one! sorry for my mistake!


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