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bb's 1st flight

with the exception of last year, we normally go away during the chinese new year period as dh officially has no leave so we have to make use of long weekends to go away. we went to krabi a couple of years back and we absolutely loved it thus this year we decided to revisit. unfortunately the place has become very popular with tourists and is now as expensive as phuket. nevertheless, we still enjoyed the break and spent quality time together as a family and of course, it was our darling's 1st time on the plane. i'm glad she coped very well and i hope this means that she will be able to cope with the longer flight to down under in july!

i have to say that thai food is absolutely delicious and i must have put on like 3kg in the ONE week that we were there! n our little princess enjoyed lots of attention from both the local and tourists - so many of them wanted to carry her! our little princess reciprocated the attention with lots of smiles and babbling!

as always, enjoy the photos!

happy 10th month!

my princess has turned 10 months old! we are now counting down and planning her 1st birthday bash! look out for the invite soon!