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the insomnia bug

strikes... AGAIN.

I've come to realise the pattern - I stir in my sleep because #2 is stirring (he kicks, he stretches, he grunts). I get up and offer him milk (and gets rejected). the orchestra in the bedroom keeps me awake and my mind starts working over time again.

Too much to do, too little (me) time to do.

I get out of bed, enter the study room and boot up my laptop once again.

made with love

Inspired by my friend who runs a blog shop (pls support her!), i wiped the dust off my sewing machine (wedding gift from my mom, probably last used to sew for #1 when she was born) and set out to make a security blanket & pillow cases for #2 (to be fair to both of them).

here's the final product (with some help from my mom)...

not good enough to start taking orders for sure (and don't intend to - i do want to make some as gifts though) but i'm mighty pleased with the result and since i bought plenty of ribbons, i also made a adjustable nursing cover clip for myself to use if i need to nurse #2 which can also be used to convert napkins into bibs when dining out with #1.

what do you think?

by the way, its obvious that the layout looks different now - am trying a new look by creating my own blog skin... not very successful yet (afterall, I've not been coding for years now) but will keep trying!

follow on to my entry about irresponsibility....

saw this in our local daily today.... well, lady if you need OFFICIAL reports to tell you NOT to leave your child unattended... here it is!

how appropriate... :P

if u need to read the article, email me - i have it in PDF.

linguistic ability

I am a product of the "much-debated" bilingual policy of this country but before I go on, let me first clarify - I HATED mandarin classes. ok, maybe HATE is too strong a word but I really had no affinity with the language nor the teachers that taught it. the methods used still leave a bitter taste in my mouth because I have such a goldfish memory (no '听写' & '墨写' for me pls!). I practically slept through all the classes then - I can still vividly see my teachers shaking their heads vigorously at me because of my learning attitude towards the language. in the end though, I still got a distinction for the subject.

Coming from a supposedly '华校' (or chinese school) where taking higher chinese is the norm, rather than the exception and many even taking an additional foreign language for the 'o' levels, I have to say that this 'exposure' to the language is something I am proud of. Up till today, I can still read, write and speak fluently …