byron bay, nsw - day seven

how time flies - we're on the last (full) day of our holiday - we've to be at the airport around noon tomorrow. i left the day 'unscheduled' just in case we were unable to cover any of the attractions that we set out to do but with God's blessings, we were able to cover all the places we wanted to go and in good time! we did not even need to activate any 'plan b' aka 'emergency plans'. so we left the day again in the hands of God - Praise Him! he made our family holiday a truly enjoyable and memorable one with a beautiful ending.

we woke up early, enjoyed a good breakfast in the apartment before heading out - byron bay is roughly an hour's drive away from gold coast, roughly at the border of queensland & new south wales. its a nice, little bohemian town with excellent diving (i started off my passion for diving here) and gorageous beaches. cape byron is australia's most easterly point and on a good day, you can see dolphins frolicking in the waters among surfers, sea turtles coming to the surface of the water & humpback whales swimming past with their calves and what do you know? it is indeed a good day today! we saw all of that, just standing on cape byron and without even getting wet! unfortunately we are using a point & shoot camera so we can't capture what we have seen clearly. :( maybe its time to upgrade... keke... anyway, photos as always...

i won't even call what we have in singapore anything close to 'beach' - just take a look at the ones in australia! miles and miles of sand and clear, clean, blue waters!


Jane said…
i like the first pic. the sky's so pretty and you gals are so pretty in your hats!

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