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1st picnic

with god's good grace, we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon out at pasir ris park with our friends - it was also claire's 1st picnic (its virtually impossible to get dh to go for picnics coz the weather here is just unbearable but i believe when we visit oz in july, we'll be able to enjoy many beautiful afternoons lazing at the many parks with the nice weather!)

there were a total 9 mummies with 8 toddlers-in-tow... noti aunty leo decided to take her 'off' day and leave JK at home instead of bringing him along to join in the fun! we each brought along some food and drinks to share... enjoy the photos!

my contribution - fried beehoon with leo's absolutely delicious & healthy sandwiches
what's a picnic without junk food?
Its such a nice day, Mummy!

seated from the left: kieran, joanie, jordan, claire with clarisse look on in the background.

claire seated with jordan boy

jesse: what shd i do with this ball? malcolm: i'm going to stuff the whole pacifier into my m…

this is the wayyyyy....

you brush your teeth, brush your teeth, brush your teeth...

our little princess is learning about personal grooming now - other than combing her hair, she is also able to brush her own teeth.... :)

first steps

our little princess finally took her 'first' unassisted steps today! we're so proud of her! she is officially promoted to a toddler now! :)

lunch date

our usual weekly meetup - except that there were only 4 of us today - jane & kaizer, me & claire... we enjoyed a delicious & wholesome lunch @ cedele, vivo city and look how much fun kaizer & claire had... :)

hey kaizer, this looks fun... let's try pole-dancing!

hehe... why don't i just sit here and let kaizer work those muscles?

ha ha ha... you wish! come help me!

first (informal) playdate

i've been meaning to get some form of playdate going for some time now but trying to co-ordinate the dates/timings of a group of adults & their babies is really no joke! different schedules, different nap times, different meal times and so on... our usual weekly meet ups center mostly around the adults since the babies (& toddlers) have to spend their time either on the high-chair or stroller or walking (& falling) on dirty restuarant floors so i thought it'd be great to give the babies (& toddlers) a change of environment occasionally (Read: clean floor, plenty of toys/activites w/o worrying about getting HFMD)

nevertheless, we finally got it going - today claire and i invited some friends over for a dip in our pool - i'd like to believe that they all had fun - but as usual, i'm too lazy to whip out my camera so i've 'stolen' some pictures from those who came... haha... enjoy!

the host with her pooh float

little cherelle in claire's 1st fl…

happy mother's day

our little princess wishing her grandma a 'happy (grand)mother's day!' with a gentle peck on the cheek...

we're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo... what about you? you? you?

the advantage of having a 'flexible' work arrangement allows me to spend as much time as possible with my little princess - she has always been my priority and will always remain as such and of course, it also means that i am free to take her anywhere, anytime! i'm actually becoming rather lazy in the photo-taking so despite the fact that we've been to quite a few places (jacob ballas children garden, gogo bambini, singapore zoological gardens, etc) we hardly have any photos to show! i really have to be more diligent in whipping out my camera! hehe...

to enjoy photos of our zoo trip, please visit aunty jane's blog

thanks to aunty leo, we had a chance to attend a playnest trial session @ julia gabriel last weekend. before attending the trial, i wondered if 1.5hrs was 'too long' for claire to sit through... and surprisingly, she did rather well and i believe that she really enjoyed herself (possibly because she took a long nap before that and thus was all rech…

happy 13th month!

another month and still a joy! we visited the zoo today together with a few other friends - here's a photo of *grumpy* Claire with her 1st baby friend - Kaizer! they first met when they were two or three months old.

fashionista in the making

Claire has her own pair of shades now - how cool does she look eh?

thank you

many thanks to all the kind words and support from all you dear friends since my last blog entry - i'm fine, really! just needed to get that out of my system - anyway, i've figured that since i've bfed her (more than) a full year, there's really no harm giving her some other source of milk. we bought Karihome's full cream goat milk today from the local supermarket and i'm going to mix that into her cereal for some meals (i think daddy only realises today how much $$$ i've saved him for bfing for a full year - a small tin of Karihome costs about SGD24 - of course there are cheaper alternatives but only the best for my dearest one!). :)

i'm also so very glad to have my happy, smiling baby back - seems like her cold has left her (please stay away for good - i don't like you coming to visit at all!). See her megawatt smile now that she has recovered! and hey, her appetite also came back - i managed to give her half a bowl of cereal this morning and half …