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celebrating my birthday @...

dh took me out for dinner last night - our first 'twosome' night out since claire joined us. i chose Indulgz based on xiaxue's recommendation and we ordered the following: Indulgz's Lobster Bisque with Crabmeat Soup **** Deep-fried Camembert Cheese with Indulgz's Mixed Berry Compote ** Indulgz's Signature Butterfish Steak **** Beef Bolognaise Baked Rice *** Banana & Cream Smoothie *** Iced Blackcurrant Tea ** the bill came up to $80+ (can't remember the exact amount) and personally, i don't think it was worth it - for that amount of money, i could have enjoy Sin Huat's absolutely fabulous crab beehoon (never mind its in a dirty coffee shop quite near the red light district) with leftover change. otherwise, i could have paid a bit more (like 20 bucks or so) and enjoy fantastic foie gras @ DOMVS or Vis-a-Vis! i've indicated how many stars we gave for each of the items we ordered (out of a possible 5). we give *** for ambience and ** for service.
i con…

happy birthday to me

me... the mummy, that is... i'm getting closer to the big 3! scary!

sleep, that's the present little one gave me. she has been waking up every 2 hours for feeds the last week or so. i put it down to 'growth spurt' and am very glad that i do not need to report for work every morning but last night, she only woke up once (even though i woke up a couple of times to check in on her) so there, my little one gave me the opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep. how sweet of her, isn't it?

i do think that she's very 'clever' for her age, from examples: when i was staying with my in-laws, she was willing to drink expressed breast milk from bottles (fed lovingly by grandma). the minute i moved home, she rejected the bottles and only wanted to latch on. she started 'recognising' mummy and daddy from about 11 weeks. no one else can carry her now. she 'allows' me to do my things, e.g. when i finish my bath, i need to dry my hair (otherwise i ge…

losing count of weeks

i finally lost count of how many weeks old princess is now and so i understand why its easier to just track her growth by months(she's 3.5 months now). :) someone once told me that having a bb gal is like having a life size doll (albeit a very heavy one) to 'play' with it. i honestly can't remember who told me that but it is quite true. i must add that dh and i are both NOT fans of dolls (i used to rip off the heads of barbie dolls belonging to my sis and dh just gets reminded of "chucky" when he sees any doll) however i'm having loads of fun dressing her up. here's a couple of new shots we took recently...

here with her (larger than) life size portrait, wearing a head band for the first time...

in this summer must-have - a colorful carter's sundress that brings out the youth in her
enjoying a cuppa @ starbucks with mummy (no, i'm the one enjoying the cuppa actually - she only gets breastmilk, nothing else!) in her 'i'm a little princess&…

my little angel

having a baby slows you down... it gives you time to reflect on your life and how you've been living. for me, my priorities shifted completely. i never knew that motherhood can change a person so much. while i still believe in working damn hard for $$$, its no longer to satisfy my own material needs but for the comfort of my little angel. i want her to have the best, to have things i never had.

i'm glad i made the right career choice when i graduated, for now i have the luxury of watching my little angel grow up yet still have the means to shower her with gifts. i treasure every moment with her and wonder why i never had her earlier. with her, i found time to do the things i loved, like photography and baking, all while spending quality time together. my heart fills with joy when she smiles and laugh and aches when she cries. she's my little angel.

i baked dh a fruit cake for his 31st birthday on 11 July... here's what it looked like.

princess' 3 months milestone

our little gal has turned 3 months old! it seems that now we are not supposed to calculate by weeks but rather by months so 12 weeks is not = to 3 months apparently as opposed to the time when she's still in my womb. i'm sure its a matter of time when we stop recording the events by days, weeks and months but by years but till then, I am savouring every moment I spend with this little gem.

on monday, i took her to the hospital to have her 5-in-1 vaccination. like all parents, i was very anxious about her developing a reaction (and thus a fever). true enough, she starting having a slight fever on monday night. we tried giving her paracetamol prescribed by her PD and after which, she threw up possibly all the milk she had for the day! it was not hard to see that she was extremely miserable. on tuesday morning, i attempted once again to give her a dose of the medication. this time i diluted the mixture with water (the mixture is actually too thick and gluey for her to swallow (not…

I'm 12 weeks' old!

my little princess is 12 weeks' old today! everyday i thank and praise God for this wonderful gift. she's very alert and inquisitive - she sleeps a lot less now (very often refusing to nap) and loves looking around so we can't stay at the same spot for very long. daddy says she is restless, just like mummy. we've been doing tummy time with her (but grandma freaks out coz she's worried that princess will suffocate herself when on her tummy) and trying to get her to sit on her own - which she manages quite well! :) she is also able to differentiate who's carrying her and very interested to start talking - with her constant cooing!

here are some photos taken since the last post...

other than being mummy's full-time photo model, princess did her first studio shoot on 21 June with Pix n Portraits and we are still waiting for the studio to process the prints.

in case anyone is 'complaining' about the lack of posts, its largely because i have been working on …