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remember this?

singa, mr courtesy has been revived!
if you do, then i know roughly how old you are! haha...
the jingle still rings in my head today. does it mean that the campaign was a success? i don't think so - the people here are still generally quite rude (though i am quite polite). :)
*singing*... courtesy is for me, courtesy is for you and me....

i wanna go hotel...

that's what #1 has been chanting the past few weeks (before that, it was 'i wanna go hong kong')... courtesy of mil (and her hotel membership card), we spent two different weekends at two different local hotels in the last two months. the change of environment resulted in less sleep for the children and consequently me. #1 was excited and #2 was restless. *sigh*
the nicely made room before we messed it up... :P can u spot #1?
the happy camper
hotel beds make good photo backgrounds!
more coming up...

is it 2010 already?

Happy New Year! Isn't it amazing how another year just went by like that? hopefully 2010 will be a better year for everyone! the year started on a positive note for us so far - we managed to sort out the childcare arrangements somewhat and at the same time, found ourselves an (bigger) 'interim' home! looking forward to the move!
we spent the first day of the new year watching birds... :P
the lazy gal just refuses to walk when dh is around
the penguin enclosure
more coming up...