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princess' new clothes

GONG XI FA CAI! hope that everyone had a great time feasting and winning $$$ during the lunar new year celebrations. another long weekend flies by... and this is the 34th week of my pregnancy. it is actually my first lunar new year spent at home coz the last few years, we used the long holidays to travel (the only time that DH can get away from work to holiday). it was great to see the extended family members again after so long. all my little nieces and nephews have grown up and are really not so little anymore (i'm amongst the youngest in the extended family). it is actually rather "scary" because it is a reminder of how old i am getting! having said that, my dear cousins... we really should be getting together more often!!courtesy of mummy and grandaunt who flew in all the way from US, princess claire now has her own (carter's, no less) wardrobe! check it out some of the latest additions...
that's not actually all but not bad for someone who has not even entere…

my first photo!

no, not mine obviously... but of our little princess. yet another milestone to remember... your highness took her 1st photo today... in my womb! thanks to technology (my OB is ahead in this area), we know now that princess will have my chubby cheeks, my nose (button nose) and mouth (the chinese call it 'ying tao xiao zhui' - literally translated as "cherry small mouth") and possibly my face shape - very nice... i am really hoping that she'll have daddy's nice bridge and deep set eyes. (these parts are not exactly clear in the photo)

again, we verified the gender (100% gal - i am finally 101% convinced that all the pink rompers will not go to waste!) and counted the no. of fingers and toes (yes, all twenty of them). her weight is estimated to be 1828g (very auspicious no. for CNY!) @ 32 weeks and i'm glad that i only put on 0.8kg since last OB visit (meaning most of the weight went to her, which is good). in total, i've put on less than 11kg for the la…