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herd instincts?

heard 2 pieces of good news today - 2 of my colleagues will soon join the ranks of 'motherhood'! i'm VERY happy for both of them... interestingly, they are due one after another (so that makes 4 consecutive months AGAIN)! seems like the baby dust is making another round in my office (when i had C two years ago, there was also one birth every month for 4 consecutive months!)

*dear lord, pls keep all of us safe throughout our pregnancies and help us to birth strong and healthy babies*

favourite words

li'l one's speech development is quite impressive (at least to me) and her favourite words currently are 'AGAIN' e.g.

- Claire run away AGAIN - don't want aunty AGAIN

& 'Claire DO' whenever she wants to do something on her own.

taking time to...

stay fit! prior to having my li'l princess, i was a regular gym-goer/swimmer. it is in my blood to keep moving (or just walking) as i cannot bear to be over a certain weight at any time. unfortunately, since she came along, my own fitness has taken a step back (in fact, even few steps back). i just cannot find the time (or sometimes, the energy) to exercise. its something i deeply regret and that i always agonize over!

even though i am not the sort who'd make a new year resolution and stick to it (lack of determination mostly), keeping fit will be one of my focus for this year - largely due to the fact that i've come to realise that my stamina has really declined with age and it totally freaks me out. hence i've taken the 1st step by enrolling in an aqua-aerobics class (bearing in mind that at this stage, there are not many exercises i can carry out safely!).

i had a great hour today, doing a relatively comfortable workout and boy, does it feel good! i am looking forward…

baby #2 updates (i)

saw 2 OB for 2 consecutive weeks - last week to do the OSCAR (one stop clinical assessment of risk) test for down's syndrome and today, for my 'regular' scheduled visits. the OSCAR test is really not compulsory and i was really not keen to do it - the OB, on the other hand, 'encourage' me to do so for a piece of mind, despite the fact that i really do not fall into the 'high-risk' category (its really good money for them - cost an additonal $500 - almost!).

anyhow, to make my 'money's worth', i asked the OB last week if he could tell baby's gender - his answer? 'i'm right 80 - 90% of the time and i think u're carrying a boy but... there's still a 10 - 20% chance that i'm wrong'!

on my scheduled visit today, OB tried to scan for the gender as promised in the previous appt... unfortunately, li'l one wasn't too co-operative and kept the legs closed - after 'disturbing' li'l one (by tapping on my womb) f…

milestones and more

my li'l princess is fast approaching her 2nd birthday and i realised that i've not been tracking her milestones for some time now... so i'm going to 'attempt' listing down (from memory) all the way from my last record in Oct 08 till now... starting with the good ones
tells 'stories' in both mandarin & english - she speaks in sentences (though not always grammatically correct and probably cannot differentiate between the two languages) ALL DAY LONG - yes, the only time i get peace and quiet is when she is sleeping
puts on her own clothings, e.g. pants, shirt, socks and shoes (though not always correctly, e.g. sometimes both legs on the same side of her pants)
answers questions correctly (e.g. 'what is ur name?', 'how old are you?', parts of her body)
feeds herself (though really messy)
plays imaginatively with her toys ('talks' on the phone, 'feeds' her dolls/bears)
knows her (frequently seen) friends by their name

has an amazing…

liverpool supporter

dh 'insists' that li'l princess must be a liverpool supporter so he bought her her very own jersey...