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reminiscence time...

can you tell which baby is Claire and which is Chace?

mid-autumn festival

our group of mummy friends finally managed another meet up after a REALLY long time - our 'excuse' this time? to celebrate mid-autumn festival together again (its another week away actually). our li'l ones have grown tremendously since last year & its great to see everyone again... and some of our families have grown larger too! let's hope we can continue to do this many more years!

last year

this year

spotted any difference?

went through my old entries (and photos) and realised that i didn't write about this last year (neither did i take any pictures!) - wonder why?? anyway, we had a pot-luck session like last year and everyone contributed yummy food - unfortunately, the satay/otah/muffins did not make their 'appearance' coz two families didn't turn up!

Jvel's 1st Birthday

we were off to sentosa this afternoon to celebrate Jvel's 1st birthday - mummy T obviously put in a lot of effort planning the party - from choosing the venue, to preparing the goody bags for the kids, down to dressing up (herself & her babe) and not forgetting, (trying) to co-ordinate the ice-cream orders for the guests (tough job i know!). i believe that it was a special & memorable afternoon for all, as we celebrate Jvel turning one... hope the birthday gal enjoyed all the attention and the presents showered on her & thanks for inviting us - we had fun!

above photos 'borrowed' from mummy T's faceboook photo album

swimming playdate

li'l J loves 'splashy' and we love having mummy D and li'l J over! most of our li'l friends have started school (or playgroup) or stay too far away to join us so that leaves just the four (now 5!) of us for playdates most of the time! i do wish the others can join us some time...

today marks the first time Chace is joining us but since he's too 'young' to swim, all I did was dip his feet into the pool water but the minute his feet touched the water, he started screaming and crying - he hates bathtime too, just like when Claire was his age; must be an infant thing! so he spent the rest of the time lounging by the pool side with me!

Chace's full month parties!

Like Claire, Chace had more than one full month party - only because both of them are blessed with so many people who love them. At our place, we hosted our friends & (my extended) family in one session (as opposed to two when we had Claire) because its just too tiring to be entertaining for such a long stretch of time. At my in-law's place, we had another session to host hb's side of the family.

When the crowd started streaming into the function room, we were able to take photos with some of our guests but once it got too crowded (and busy), we totally neglected the photo-taking so thousand apologises to those who came but did not manage to get a photo with us! Its funny how I got so busy the whole morning (cooking for the children as I couldn't find any caterer that would also provide food for my little guests) that I forgot to get my helper to collect the party balloons - the lady boss was frantically calling and trying to reach me the whole afternoon. I didn't e…

Chace is one month old!

4 weeks have gone by in a flash! look forward to partying the whole weekend!

what have we been up to?? adjusting mostly - trying to fit one child's schedule into the other. not easy...

will blog when we finally settle in with our new schedules...