gold coast (and home sweet home) - day eight

our flight today leaves brisbane at 2pm so we weren't left with that much time - fortunately, we managed to get the packing done last night so we could spend the morning leisurely. one of the reasons why we never spend unnecessary money on accommodations when we travel is that its really just a place for us to rest our heads after an exciting day out (so really, the bed is the only highlight for us)- dh hates hotel breakfasts and more importantly, we rarely even use the facilities within the hotel/apartments premises. haha... we only explored the facilities at tiki village just before we checked out (mostly just to capture some photos for keepsake!)... :P

lovely view of the river from the roof top

daddy & bb tan at the rooftop jacuzzi
(i'm not sure if anyone uses that coz all the apartments come fitted with one!)

me & dd at the pool side

after checking out, its an hour's drive back to brisbane city - dh just had to have his katsu don once more before we headed for the airport!

how time flies when you're having fun, eh? a week of vacation just went by like that! but what do you know? this means a countdown to our next family vacation begins!


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