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where oh where...

still no sign of our little princess... i read somewhere that if the parents are not ready (e.g. have not finished shopping for the bb), then bb will not want to come out but my dear gal, we have officially finished buying all the things you need! grandma and mummy just went to buy the car seat for you... it is TIME to meet your family... so be a good gal ok? see what you're coming home in!

Britax Royale - for the princess! nice and comfy eh?

after 2.5 weeks

we finally saw dr tan after a 2.5 weeks wait... apparently, i lost 700g but princess gained 200g and now weighs in @ almost 3kg (a good weight according to dr tan). we are getting closer to the finishing line and dr tan wants to do induction on 05 april if she still doesn't make her grand entrance these few days and that is making me really nervous because i really want to birth her naturally, WITHOUT the use of any drugs AT ALL.

so my dear gal... i know its warm and comfortable inside mummy's womb but its really time to meet us so be good and quickly complete your 'descent' ok? we love you and can't wait to meet you!

@ week 38

its week 38 and still no sign of princess... been feeling surges on and off but definitely not regular and progressive (not according to Ginny's definitions anyway). i've moved in with my in-laws and chewy has been an absolutely devil - he's been barking every single night (no need to sleep ah?!?) and i think nobody in this household (or even the other households in the neighbourhood) has had a good night sleep. i am contemplating of moving him back home and let him stay there by himself. we could check in on him every day.

obviously since i'm getting closer to D-day... DH has 'refused' to let me go out. its thursday and i've only gone out once on my own; on tuesday, i went to do some shopping (ok ok, quite a bit of shopping, i'm not known to be a shopping queen for nothing).

my happy purchases - a exercise ball, which i'll use as a birthing ball for now. its handy to have during pregnancy, labor and beyond! see what they say about it. so instead of s…

updated wish list

since i'm already into my 37th week, here's an update on my purchases and my wish list. i've bought most of the things that i'll need (or rather, that our princess will need) and here are the remaining items that i've yet to buy:

- Britax Royale (which will be a gift from Claire's grandparents)
- Medela Pump-in-Style Advanced Breast Pump (available @ all major stores)
- BabyRock Carry Sling (from
- Bumper playmat (from
- Environmentally friendly diapers (from
- toys for her stroller (learning curve/lamaze, tiny love, gund, etc...)
- bedtime storybooks (eric carle, karen katz, etc... )

can i also add what i would NOT like to receive??

- Brands Essence of Chicken (I get nose bleeds each time I attempt to drink that)
- DOM (don't like the taste)
- Milk Bottles, Clothes (unless they are equivalent to Carters or GAP! Princess has an image to uphold! :P)

so you can see, we are more or less ready for princess' arrival. i've more …

the perfect woman

i remember when i was in school, the dear old principal used to tell us the importance of being a woman who "ru de chu fang, chu de ting tang'. loosely translated, it means a woman who is capable both at home and out (whether its working or just being the woman behind the successful man?). I used to think and believe that that was really cliche! why should a woman's place be in the kitchen/home/behind the husband? then, i felt that i wanted to be a career woman... but now that i look back, her reminder seems perfectly reasonable. would it be great to be the 'perfect woman'? to be one who is well-groomed and yet takes care of the house/family immaculately? better still, an independent who earns her own keep and can balance work/family life well. i aspire now to be someone like that and hope that our little princess will also pick up some of these traits from me.
i spent thursday sewing some pillow cases for our princess... with the excess cloth, i decided that she&…

*banned* from work

this is week 37 and we're moving closer and closer to the arrival of princess... my sweet hubby has officially *banned* me from work... he wants me to rest @ home and just prepare for princess' arrival. we will be moving over to his parents' place this weekend as he wants to make sure someone is around when i go into labor. :) its nice to just stay @ home and do nothing (i spend my time now resting, reading, listening to the birthing affirmations and relaxing). even my boss doesn't *allow* me to step into office anymore!
my appetite has improved tremendously the last two weeks or so... and i'm so happy that princess is the one putting on the weight instead of me! hehe. i've started drinking coconut water (sticking to old wives tale) and also increased my bird nest intake to every day *when i remember, otherwise its alternate days*. :P
we are supposed to see dr tan weekly from last week but unfortunately, he is attending a medical conference this week and his sche…

@ week 36

the visit to OB y'day marks the 36th week of my pregnancy... i put on 0.6kg since the last visit (2 weeks' ago) but our little princess experienced a growth spurt! she put on 0.7kg which means she now weighs in @ 2.7kg (yippee! all the weight gain went to her!). the nurse commented that she's of a good size so even if i have to deliver her earlier, everything shd be ok. obviously, last visit's estimation of her weight @ birth doesn't stand anymore (dr tan put it @ 2.8kg on full term). her head diameter is now 8.3cm *this no. i'm worried about because the cervix can only stretch up to 10cm (medically) so if she is too big, i am either 1) going to tear 2) have an episiotomy performed on me and neither scenario fits into my birth plan!*
in any case, we have been religiously listening to the birthing affirmations cd and practising the techniques taught in our hypno-birthing class. we have another 2 classes (2 more sats!) to attend so my sweetheart, don't be too …

i feel terrible!

must be the weather getting to me... its been raining non-stop since y'day morning... sometimes heavier and sometimes just a drizzle... but i dun like rainy days. yes, its nice to sleep when its nice and cool but what about when i have to step out of the house? i hate carrying umbrellas!! now i'm having a headache, my lips/tonsils are slightly swollen, my back and shoulders are aching and all the extra weight from princess claire is killing me! plus my DH has gone to batam to play in a charity golf tournament and will only be back tomorrow! absolutely sucks to be at home alone! :(