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i armed myself with 3 confinement cook books (+ bookmarked a couple of websites with confinement receipes) this time round since i anticipated no help whatsoever but until now, i have not really had the chance to use them. i've had someone bring me food (almost) every day. i feel really pampered and blessed to have so many who care for me (and my stomach). interestingly though, i do not really feel hungry even though i am nursing two. nevertheless, i enjoy slurping the soups (though they makes me perspire profusely each time) & yummy food that have been lovingly prepared by my mom (actually her helper), my mil (actually also the helper) and even my sis' mil (herself)!

other than that, i am so thankful that my parents willingly looked after #1 for me every morning last week (dh was then on half day leave) and having my mil pop by every morning this week to entertain #1 for a couple of hours, which gave me some time to breathe (& rest). going forward though, i will need t…

post delivery - 10 days on...

without a doubt, my life has changed drastically - from the mom of a 2 yr+ toddler to a mom with a newborn & a 2 yr+ toddler. i have to work on my daily schedule from scratch - fitting in the newborn's feeding & sleeping timing with #1's schedule. fortunately, #2 has been good so far - he feeds well (bfing seems easier with subsequent children) and sleeps well - hopefully, it stays this way.

i'm tandem nursing the 2 children - even though it feels slightly weird to be nursing #1 coz of her size. overnight, she just seem to have 'grown up' - she now lies on my lap awkwardly but nevertheless, i still enjoy the bonding time and her sweet smile when she detaches and say 'mmm... i love mommy's milk - so yummy!'... with her, i don't need to be a slave to the pump because she helps to relieve my engorgement & clear the milk ducts - this allows me to have abundance of milk for both of them - evident from the weight that #2 is clearly putting on. …

we have a guest!

or rather 2! it was really nice to have company after being 'confined' for the past couple of days... yes, I didn't stay in all the time (went grocery shopping, went over to my mom's place, etc etc) but it is nice to have some decent adult conversation (although it revolved around our children) while being stuck at home.

thanks for visiting and I'd love to have more company anytime!

birthing #2

With God's grace & blessings, we welcome #2 to our family on 10 Aug 09 (lunar birthday: 20th day of the 6th month) - 0501hrs. Chace (meaning: Hunter) weighed 3680gm and measured 54cm at birth. see how happy Claire is, with her new sibling!

The Birth Story

I started feeling contractions around 2am on the morning on 10 Aug 09 - not knowing how regular or frequent the contractions should be, I decided to log onto the Internet to find out. I found a useful contraction timer online and used it to monitor my contractions for an hour. At 3am, I decided that I was indeed already in active labor and proceeded to wake dh up. fortunately, it was a public holiday and dh's mom was able to come over to watch Claire till morning while we headed for the hospital. by the time we reached the hospital, it was just past 3.30am. The nurse on duty did a VE for me and determined that I was 4cm dilated while dh saw to the hospital admission. Not knowing how long more I have to go and deciding then …