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princess @ 6 weeks

there's a picture of little one @ 6 weeks... i reckon she's looking more and more like DH... what do you think?

time really flies... i'm halfway through my maternity leave (though strictly speaking, i do not have any). my dear gal is already 6 weeks old and i visited dr tan for my six weeks postpartum check yesterday. despite the fact that i have no problem fitting into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes, i still have another 3kg to lose before i reach my pre-pregnancy weight - makes me wonder where the 3kg is deposited. the only difference, i feel, is that i now have heavier breasts but i am quite sure they did not become 3kg heavier! anyhow, i have been given the 'all clear' to proceed with exercise and ... SEX! yeah! we can officially start production for junior no. 2!! I'M KIDDING! i'm taking a well deserved rest until... maybe end of the year? would be nice to have no. 2 next year. plus, i have 9kg to lose to my ideal weight! haha...

I've started stimu…

days after the parties

what a relief - confinement is FINALLY over! i have to say i'm totally sick of eating food cooked with sesame oil and ginger. i'm so glad that i can bathe like a normal human being (without having to boil herbs, wait for it to cool and boil again before i bathe!) and not worry about my body/hair being wet and getting 'wind' into my system. most of all, i'm free as a bird! i can now go shopping, have my manicure/pedicure done, enjoy a leisurely walk, etc etc...

my precious little gal is coming 6 weeks old and has more or less settled into a routine. we had two weekend of parties for dear princess... a small cozy party of DH's extended family on 06 may and a whole day event with my extended family as well as our friends and colleagues on 13 may. its nice to be able to catch up with everyone but unfortunately, i couldn't find the time to take photos of everyone! those of you who graced this special event (you know who you are!), thank you so much for taking ti…

gifts before the party!

even before i've finalised the details for princess claire's full month party, truckloads of gifts have arrived (ok, i'm exaggerating, not truckloads but definitely plenty!). indeed, we are blessed and loved by many and we are so glad! of course, some of the good gifts are courtesy of claire's grandparents' popularity. here are some of them...
not forgetting loads of red packets! thank you all!
Party Details 1) Buffet Dinner on 06 May 2007, 6pm 2) Buffet Lunch on 13 May 2007, 12 noon 3) Buffet Dinner on 13 May 2007, 6pm
warning: gatecrashers will not be entertained! if you want to be invited, send me an email. i'll consider. :)