gold coast - day five part II

we managed to cover all the exhibits, shows & rides in sea world that we wanted to cover in good time and decided then to make a detour to the beach - absolutely doesn't make sense for us to be staying on surfers paradise and yet not explore the surrounding beaches right? more importantly, i will never bring claire to the dirty beaches back home ('cept maybe for those artificial ones at sentosa) so she won't have many chances to 'play with sand' - i even brought along a 'sand castle kit' from singapore but we never found a chance for her to use it! :P

2nd time she actually 'touched' sand - she played on the beach on our last trip to krabi. after feeling and touching for a while, she decided to taste the sand! yikes! i quickly took her to the nearest water cooler to wash out the sand from her mouth. talk about over-protective parents! haha...

after that 'sand eating' moment, we 'moved on' to the playground just by the beach and that rounded up our programme for the day.


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