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Chace is

talking.... its amazing how chatty my two kids are... they just go on and on... most of the time, i wish that they can be quiet for even 5 mins! obviously to those whose kids are far behind developmentally, they probably feel like kicking me. some of the words that Chace is saying right now... before he turns 16 months in 4 days' time:

- jiejie, mummy, daddy, nai-nai, ye-ye, po-po, da-da (mida - my parents' maid) - bus, fish, yes, bear, ball, no, wait, prea-sh (please!), bite, meow, wooh-wooh (dog barking), aa-ghhhh (lion roaring), mil-k (milk), where? (with hand signal), mine..

in other aspects of development; - he pats himself on the chest when he is frightened - he lies down & pats himself on the bum/thigh when I ask to him go to sleep - he shakes his head violently when he says 'no' - when his sister tries to snatch away from he is holding or when I try to take away something that he is holding, he will scream 'mine!!!' and try his might to hold on to the item…