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my precious!

after much anticipation, we went to see the OB yesterday (and of course, little Claire). it was a supppppppperrrrrrrrrrrrr long wait @ the clinic because there was an emergency case that dr tan had to attend to. i reached the clinic @ 3.40 but only got to see dr tan at 5.20 or so and as a result, it was a rushed appointment. didn't spend that much time with little Claire. :(

in any case, we are glad that the scans showed that little Claire is developing normally. dr tan scanned her brain and heart and no abnormalies were detected so that's a relief. she is really active now, kicking me constantly... so much so that i feel like 'tearing' her out of me sometimes! here's a scan of her brain.
its no longer possible to have a full scan of little one now that she is about 35cm (that's longer than the ruler that we are used to in school!) and i finally understand why my EDD keeps getting pushed back. little Claire is slightly below average in terms of size. based on est…

more wishes

time really flies... i'm into my 6th month already! in less than 4 months, i will finally meet my little one! i'm excited but anxious and i know that i have to treasure my last 4 months of freedom! oh, how different life is going to be after march! i am starting to feel tired again (must be the extra weight i'm carrying around) and i definitely don't have as much energy (or stamina) as before. i can't really walk a mall for long without feeling the strain on my feet, or my back! my appetite has improved tremedously and i am constantly feeling hungry. i try to distract myself from eating by keeping busy and when i really have to eat, i'll look for fruits to eat first. obviously i don't want to deprive little one of her nutrients but i also don't wanna look like a pig! :P
back on the topic of my wish list... my lovely friend in shanghai has offered me her Avent Steriliser and Food Warmer (her little princess has already turned ONE!) so that these two items…

beautiful day

what a beautiful day... i took the train today and TWO women offered to give up their seat to me. second lady was insistent so i finally relented (afterall, my legs were a little tired from all the walking). thank you ladies! i really appreciate the kind gesture! whatever happened to 'gentleman'? all the men immediately 'fall asleep' when i get on the train!

i also went shopping for my precious one today... managed to buy a gorgeous Aprica W-mini Eye-to-Eye stroller for almost 50% off the usual price. very happy... this is what the stroller looks like:

very nice, ain't it? i'm so pleased with this purchase (even though it is still very expensive after the discount) that i can't stop grinning still! there's more! on our way home from the store, we saw a beautiful rainbow! that just about completes my day!!so there you are, one item less on my wish list! i promise to update my wishlist as and when i buy things for my precious one (and of course, add new ite…

wish list

since i'm almost into my 6th mth, many of my dear frens have started asking me what i need. other than buying some small items, i've not exactly started shopping for bb yet but yes, i do have a list of items that i intend to buy for my precious one... and here's the list with pictures for reference:

from left to right: Combi Stroller (Model: RiccoW), Avent IQ 24 Steriliser and Avent Bottle & Food Warmerfrom left to right: Safety First Car Seat (Model: Intera Convertible), Combi Rashule High Chair cum rocker, Lucky Baby Besto Bath cum Changing Table Unitthese are the main items that i have not bought. if you wish to buy any of the items for me, please let me know so that i won't buy it (and i can make a note so that others won't buy it either!) ;) my dear aunt in US has already bought me most of the bb clothes that i'll need so i won't be needing any more clothes. i also intend to buy the medela pump-in-style breast pump and have already bought Avent milk…