cleveland, brisbane - day six part II

after spending slightly more than one morning at the koala sanctuary, we made a pit stop to the nearest mall for lunch and also some clean shoes and sock for my little princess. we then headed over to cleveland, where my friend resides. she has a lovely house facing the beach - at the back of the house was a nice,small pool and a river where her family yacht used to be berth. the yacht has since been sold though. i'm sure hers is a holiday home that many of us can only dream of. :)

i didn't get a chance to snap a photo of her nice house but i did snap some photos of her cute little kitten - soda.

claire loves animals - she's always excited and happy to see them - she was giving soda a kiss in the above photo.

after resting at her home for a while, we headed out to hog's breath for dinner - miao insisted that we have to try the steak - we've never tried it back in singapore so we really cannot compare the standard. we invited two other friends to join us - they are relocating to start a business in gold coast so i took the opportunity to introduce them.

dh ordered the rib and steak combo to share with me and was given a bib! very wise of them coz dh frequently stains his clothes when eating! haha... and over in australia, kids get a free meal as long as an adult orders one main course from the menu - i made a mistake ordering the fish & chips though coz they are famous for their steaks! just that i thought fish & chips in australia can't go very wrong but yeah, i was wrong. :P

we headed back to our apartment after a satisfying dinner. thanks once again, miao! u have to visit us soon!


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