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Primary 1 School Admission Exercise for #2

The ministry has been emphasizing that 'Every school is a good school' in Singapore. In the recent years, school rankings have been removed, media no longer provided coverage on the top scorers in major exams and niche programs have been introduced to even neighborhood schools. Unfortunately, most parents (who have gone through the system) aren't convinced. In fact, it would seem like competition has stepped up as the Internet has helped tremendously in the search of information. It's not difficult for 'unofficial' rankings to pop up on various websites and forums by individuals (or groups of individuals) 'manually' compiling the required data (as opposed to the ministry collecting & publishing the information). Competition for primary one vacancies have intensified (could be just the poor planning of the sudden surge in population numbers), with many of the popular schools entering a balloting situation in the earlier phases of registration.

We had …

what a long hiatus!

At the back of my mind, I know that I have not blogged for a super looooonnnnggggg time but looking at my last entry just shocked me. Wow! Its been more than 3 years - the 'littlest' prince already turned 3 earlier this month!

Sorry, sorry, sorry... If you saw my daily schedule, you would totally empathize with me!