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another song

one of the many songs that li'l one loves to sing

waste of air, space and everything else...

some of u will probably think i'm very elitist for writing such an entry... i apologise... but i can't help it. to me, people like my current domestic helper (imbeciles, i'd call them), are total waste of space, air, water, food and whatever else you can think of (resources, if i have to choose one word). seriously, why do such people exist in the world to compete with the rest of us with the limited resources that's available?

like a robot, she moves (i'd hardly consider her working) non-stop, from the moment she wakes till the time she goes to sleep at night. to the average person, she would appear to be very hardworking, cleaning all the time but is she really? my floors - still sticky after she finishes mopping... the crockery in the kitchen - still stained and dirty after she washes them... there is still dust in my room after she has finished sweeping and mopping! i seriously feel that she is wasting my water and detergent since she is unable to perform her mo…

Maid woes revisited

warning: extremely long entry

I bought the local papers this afternoon and read the article "My Maids of Horror – The New Paper” with great interest as it was definitely a topic that I can relate to (while mine is not as dramatic as the story reported). It has been two years since we employed our first domestic helper and we are already on our search for the fourth one. Before you ‘accuse’ us of being fastidious employers, please read on.

The Job Scope for our domestic helper:

- Cleaning/up-keeping our slightly-bigger-than-1,000 sq ft apartment

- minimal cooking (mainly for herself)

- caring for our 2 year old when we are busy (i.e. a couple of hours per day when I am at work); feeding, changing diapers/toileting and playing with her.

- caring for our small house dog (walking him once a day, ensuring he has his meals & water and bathing him twice a week)

- laundry and ironing

- washing the car once or twice a week (depending on her workload for the week)

She is paid the market …

we've been married for....

... 6 years today (counting from the customary date)! over here, many people have 2 wedding dates - one whereby they are legally married and another whereby they are 'recognised' as married by the older folks. we normally celebrate the 2nd date since the 1st date falls in our birthday month and there's just too many celebrations in that month... (just to satisfy your curiousity, with that date in july - we would been married for 7 years this year)

so this was us 6 years ago at The Fullerton Singapore (where our wedding banquet was held), sans kid(s)...

Happy Anniversary Laogong... looking forward to many more happy years being married to you!

grandpa's birthday...

can u count the # of candles on his birthday cake? Dad was very happy to celebrate his birthday with his 3 grandchildren... :)

happy birthday dad! may you always be happy and healthy!