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Chace is

walking.... the ability to pull and stand and being able to walk is totally not related in the case of my children. Claire pulled herself up when she was just 7 months but only took her first unassisted steps when she was 13 month. Chace, on the other hand, pulled himself up to stand probably when he was 8 or 9 months old but took his first unassisted steps just before he turned one. Guess its obvious who has more 'balls'?
I don't even have a clear photo of Chace's 1st attempt, not to mention a video. Here's a lousy photo that I manage to take on the day he decided to show us that he is now a toddler...

Just for the record, before he turned one, Chace:
1) has 8 teeth 2) stopped crying/screaming during bath time (on his lunar birthday) 3) started taking his first few unassisted steps 4) is a really 'old-hand' when it comes to food - no problem chewing and drinking from straws! 5) weighs 10kg (as a comparision, his scrawny sister is 11.5kg at 3 years 4 mths)
6) babbl…

wow! has it been so long...

since i wrote an entry???

almost 2 whole months!

Chace's 1st Birthday

In order for me not to field questions about favouritism when my kids are grown up, I made the effort to throw a 1st birthday party for them. The theme for both was animals (Chace's party was a little more specific - it was a Safari Adventure theme). For Claire, we booked a holiday bungalow to accommodate our guests - but with our temporary abode, we had plenty of space for everyone so I used the money instead to have a more elaborate setup for the party.
We had the same balloons, goodie bags from the same source and more or less similar guests. However, since Claire is now more grown up (and not wanting her to feel neglected), we hired a face-painter & balloon artist for her enjoyment. Unfortunately, Yas Meen didn't really get to do much balloon twisting because she was just too good with the face painting - all the kids were queuing up (again and again) to get inked!
View photos of the party here...