gold coast - day one

definitely took it easy due to the lack of sleep... after collecting our rental car, we detoured to brisbane city... for this....

the reason why we are in queensland, australia - chicken katsu don from Himawari in brisbane city... dh just cannot stop fantasizing about it - i swear he thinks about the katsu don more than abt me! see his happy face?

Claire checking out the menu in Himawari

we also stopped by chinatown to pick up some groceries as we planned to eat in for dinners (its very costly to eat out in australia plus we both love home-cooked food). the shop above is my fav. roasted duck shop in the WHOLE WORLD - i'm not kidding! this shop had me fantasizing about the duck rice in the middle of the night when i was up doing my thesis in college - it is THAT good! they expanded from half a shop to a full shop with more seats since I last visited (like 7 years ago!). the shop is owned by a vietnamese family and they supply to the other chinese restaurants in australia.

the amazing selection of yoghurt for kids i found in the supermarket - the attractive packaging caught my attention immediately!

after we checked into our service apartment, dh decided that he needed a nap badly (after the 'lack of sleep' onboard the plane and the long drive to gold coast from brisbane airport) so i took Claire for a short walk on surfers paradise.

after his short nap, i gave dh a birthday treat @ the palazzo versace hotel - we went for a yummy seafood buffet dinner (which included local seafood like moreton bay bugs - similar to crayfish, prawns, oysters, smoked salmon and so on)

in between dinner, i gave lil' princess a 'tour' of the opulent hotel. everything, and i mean EVERYTHING is Versace (and thus 'stamped' with the logo - the head of Medusa) - from the sofa, cushion cover to cutlery, teapot and so on...

she stared longingly into the versace shop that was closed (and apparently on sale) - wonder what she was eyeing on?

we retreated for the night after dinner as we were expecting some guests at our apartment the next morning.


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