back from the hols...

we're back... i'm sure everyone feels the same way as i do, coming back from a nice holiday - that it could have been longer! i'll just come right out and say this - i love australia - i've always had! it is a great place where one can have the best of both worlds - bustling cities and quiet towns. relaxing when you wish and plenty to do at other times. we had a great time the past one week... think i'll just let the photos do the talking (with a little commentary)... enjoy!


travelling with a baby - we had 2 luggages, 1 backpack, 1 infant car seat and 1 stroller (we came back with 4 luggages, 1 backpack, 1 infant car seat and 1 stroller though. i might add that we used 3 space-saver compression bags for our dirty clothes - otherwise, we might have ended up with more than 4 luggages)

running amok in the airport - we wanted to let her expend all her energy before our midnight flight so that she will sleep on the 7.5 hrs journey there.

onboard the skytrain because our departure gate is (almost) the last (and the furthest away)

my lil' princess couldn't conceal her happiness!

awake halfway through the flight - sitting on the bassinet (poor mummy only got 2 hrs of sleep)

the 'miserly' flight pack we got from SQ (imagine paying about S$750 for that - plus the use of the bassinet - they 'ran out of food' for lil' princess. in comparison, our ticket was S$1,100 and we get a seat + meals. what a ripoff!)


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