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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step"
In my case, 3 tests and 1 ultrasound scan confirmed that i had already taken the 1st step on this whole new journey... motherhood, the thought of it actually scares me. there are so many questions racing through my mind... are we going to be good parents? will we be able to give our child the best? will our child be healthy? will i have a smooth pregnancy? will i become fat & ugly? despite knowing that it (motherhood, i.e., not becoming fat & ugly) was a matter of time, all the emotions that i am experiencing now totally overwhelms me.
I visit the OB for the first time today. Here's the scan.
the black spot in the middle is the gestational sac where the embryo lies. obviously at this stage, you can't see much. little one is merely 6w4d (6 weeks, 4 days! duh!) according to the sac measurement of 2.11cm. my expected due date is 05 april 2007. we have to rely on this estimate for now.
next doctor visit sched…