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playdate II

this time round, we 'terrorized' aunty leo & jk's place... such fun! aunty leo keeps her place so neat & tidy but we just messed it all up! sorry, aunty leo! :)

jacob ballas children garden & more...

on a beautiful (but hot) saturday morning, we had a date with the april mummies to visit the botanical gardens and this time i managed to capture some shots of C enjoying the great outdoors... funny how she seemed to have forgotten that she is a baby and did not hesitate walking around (perhaps she knew somehow that it wouldn't hurt if she did fall)... enjoy the photos!

ps: on a sidenote, the water play @ jacob ballas children gardens really stinks! remember to bring along some soap to wash down your babies if u plan to bring them there to play!

counting down to OZ

we are less than a month away from our OZ holiday! Claire is getting ready for her 1st 'winter'... yes, i know its too BIG for her... we get fantastic mileage from her clothes coz of her (slow) growth!

anyone a south park fan?? doesn't she remind you of 'kenny'? :P

@ agnes' place

we spent a fun-filled afternoon @ aunty agnes' place (sorry we messed up your house!) and thank you joanie for sharing your toys! Claire had so much fun!

photo evidence...

Claire 'helping' herself to the toys

let me show you... this is how the bus works...

2 toddlers... handsome JK and pretty Joanie!

Joanie has so many nice toys mummy! Can we come again?

Claire & Jesse

turning 14 months

happy 14th month my dear baby!

she now:- do the signs for brush teeth, comb hair, twinkle twinkle little stars, dance, music, scared, smelly

- points to her hair, head, nose, teeth, shoes accordingly when asked

- loves dressing up

- understands and obeys instructions (most of the time)
- babbles continuously (her speech repertoire include words like ba (bus), pla (plant), per (up), turtle, bir (bird), nana (banana), apple, mao (cat in mandarin), xie xie (thank you in mandarin), nai nai (paternal grandma in mandarin), po po (maternal grandma in mandarin), gai (going out in dialect), pamper (for diapers), sta (for star), mumm mumm (for food), neh neh (for milk), ta (for toys) - these are only some words i can remember off-hand)
- knows which remote control is for what

the natural child

i came across this website ( when googling and find it so useful... so take some time to read some of the articles there! i've been breastfeeding my baby for more than one year now and somehow, it came so naturally to me - from the moment i was carrying her, there was no doubt that i would breastfeed her. strange if you consider that i was not breastfed, my sis did not breastfeed, no close family members around me breastfed (or were breastfeeding) except for one cousin and only a friend or two breastfed (and are still breastfeeding). recently, mom has been bugging me to wean her off so that i can have another child but since i believe that children are god's gift from heaven, there is really no reason for me to do so. i will have another child when god thinks i'm ready and i will be happy to tandem nurse them.

on a different note altogether, dh has been away for the last two weeks for his in-camp training and claire's schedule is all upset. i…