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shopping queen

yesterday was my 4th visit to dr tan and as always, i was eager to see bb again. like the previous scans, bb is very active so dr tan had a hard time trying to capture the scan photo... and after numerous attempts, here's a scan of little one @ 20 wks+...
lying in the same position as the last visit but you can see how much bigger little one is now. she now weighs 352g and head diameter was 4cm+ (can't remember the exact dimension). dr tan also went through my triple blood tests results and everything is normal. the stats: little one has a 1 in 1,656 chance of getting down syndrome, 1 in 82,795 chance in getting edwards syndrome and 1 in 3,477 chance of neural tube defects. pretty good stats according to doc. for comparison, those bbs of mothers in my age group has 1 in 1,049 and 1 in 10,490 chance of getting down and edwards syndrome. the report didn't print the ave. stats for neural tube defects so i dunno how bb compares to average. in any case, i hope this means bb will…


i'm due for my next doc visit in a week's time and i really can't wait. i'm wondering how big little one is now and whether little one is really a bb gal! and i've finally started shopping for my sweetheart... look what i bought! very cheap... each item only cost me S$1 (except for the microwave steriliser that mr tan says will come in handy when HE is lazy - but even that is only S$5) .

in addition, my best fren bought this from hk! yes, its very 'gu niang'... my dear husband has already complained about it. i am not a big fan of hello kitty but it is one of the nicer ones i've seen. the others... yucks! and this one... her head bobs from left to right! How cute!on a sadder note, someone in the family lost her bb... she's due roughly the same time as me (two weeks before actually) and i'm sure it hurts terribly. god bless the couple and hopefully, also bless me with a smooth pregnancy and little one will come out safe and sound!