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happy new year!

can't believe how time just flies by - seems like y'day that the world 'reportedly' was going to end because of some Y2K bug - its been almost a decade since! anyway, i never bother with new year resolutions because i forget them faster than u can say 'what was that you said?'... but I do wish that everyone will have a better 2009 - even with the economical crisis looming! i do not think that recessions are big deals really because 'what goes up must come down' and vice-versa.

have a swell time!

presents, presents...

and more presents! is it any wonder that children enjoy festive seasons? while they may not understand the true meaning of x'mas yet, who can resist ripping off wrappers to reveal the surprises within? dd loves chanting 'new toys, new toys' non-stop nowadays...

the 1st two presents that dd received this year...

see how happy li'l one is with her presents!

more presents = more smiles...

photo with x'mas tree at grandma's house

merry x'mas!

wishing everyone a great time filled with love, laughter, good food & lots of gifts!

the day after...

its our 'usual' playdate day but unfortunately, the group size is shrinking by the weeks as more and more toddlers get packed off and sent to 'sch'! we have also decided that li'l one will go to 'school' starting from Jan - however, she will only go on two days - tue & wed *which are days that i will most probably have to go to office and there will be no one who can care for her while i'm away* so we can still continue our playdates!

anyway, we wanted to go cycling today with our tods but the weather was not exactly agreeable so we ended up in an indoor playground - not that i have any problems with that - afterall, we did buy a package for use there!

the indoor playground has a scheduled activity every hour so while we were there, we made a x'mas card for the gramps, listened to a x'mas story & li'l one 'colored' the snowman picture that was provided. :)

i shall just leave you to enjoy the photos...

i've been blessed...

once more!! the regular meetup kah-kis were just talking about this last week... about how as we move further away from the newborn stage, the less inclined we would be to have another one! one of us even set the dateline for june 09 to hit the jackpot (its not me! i'm terrible with datelines!)!

so now i have an explanation for the weight gain, the sore nipples when li'l one nurses and my craving for meat! bring me the churrascaria anytime! i now have a legitimate reason to pig out! :P

on a more serious note, will i have enough love to go around? will i have the time and energy to chase after a active toddler and at the same time, change nappies & nurse every hour? how will li'l one take to her new sibling? and most importantly - will the new sibling be a 'meimei' or 'didi' for li'l one? i suppose - only time will tell!

we spent more than 3 million this weekend!

no, we didn't put our names on a new property and no, we did not strike lottery!

all we did was to spend the weekend away, in batam, to enjoy quality time together as a family. the exchange rate is approximately S$1 to 7,500 indonesian rupiah... so that explains how much we spent eh? we had a complimentary night stay, thanks to mil's hotel card again, paid for an extra night and upgraded to a king sized bed since l'il one still sleeps with us. we had no plans at all, except to relax at the hotel. this is the breakdown of how much we spent:

2 nights accommodation : 569,500 indonesian rupiah
return ferry tickets for 2 adults + 1 child : S$138 (1,035,000 indonesian rupiah) including departing terminal fees of S$7 per pax
BBQ buffet dinner w/drinks for 2 adults : 323,351 indonesian rupiah
lunch @ Jap restaurant : about S$30 (225,000 indonesian rupiah)
buffet breakfast for 2 adults : 157,300 indonesian rupiah
spa for 2 adults : 375,000 indonesian rupiah
Ayam Pengyet dinner w/ drinks at…

testing times

y'day was one of those days when i lost count of the no. of times i had to say NO to li'l one and (almost) everything i said went in one ear and out the other! thankfully, these days don't come around very often (and hopefully, stays that way!) but the end of the afternoon, i was exhausted and completely drained both physically & mentally and was so glad that she drifted off to lah-lah land on schedule (i.e. before 8pm!)

on such days, i keep HIM constantly in my prayers...

Dear Lord, pls give me the strength and patience to carry out your work, in moulding C's life and teaching her the values that you would want to see in her. Amen!

notes: her bottom cuspid erupted on the 24 Nov and the top followed quickly on 28 Nov! could her behavior be due to more teeth erupting? she now has 14! 6 more to go!