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off to malacca...

by ourselves. dh chose to stay behind as it was a short 2D/1N trip with my colleagues.

we travelled in 2 cars (8 adults + 1 baby) and kept in contact via walkie-talkies. He blessed us with great weather, a smooth drive (no causeway jams even!) & no hiccups. we managed to keep to our schedule, enjoyed great food and generally had fun.

nothing much worth bloggin' about since dh was not with us but notably, li'l princess missed daddy a lot! every time we are in the hotel room, she'll walk towards the telephone, picked up the receiver and started calling 'daddy, daddy, daddy...'

do check out restoran nyonya makko (123, Taman Melaka Raya, Off Jalan Parameswara - Tel: 062840737) for heavenly peranakan food, fresh, yummy seafood @ the portuguese settlement (i went to stall #1 - sea terrace) as well as the night market & chendol @ jonker walk if you are ever in malacca. :)

as always, photos :

at the hotel lobby, waiting to check-in

trying to call daddy from the hotel t…

random photos of li'l princess


more gym photos

li'l princess is totally enjoying the sessions @ mygym - the teachers commented that she is strong (can hold on to monkey bar for more than 5 secs) and clever (can get into forward roll position after only 1 session)... she climbs up and down the equipment with ease too.

mooncake making session

as i grow older, i feel a strong inclination to 'go back to my roots' - i am 'rediscovering' the origins of various festivals (i know the gist of them at the back of my head - just need to retrieve the details from my lousy data bank), 'celebrating' them and picking up various dialects (very often, i still can't get the correct enunciation though). it is also my intention to 'educate' li'l princess as much as possible about her roots.

last year, i attempted to make glutinous rice dumplings after a long hiatus away from the kitchen (i cook frequently but making goodies is another story altogether) and this year, i (with the suggestion of my friend) decided on making snow skin mooncake. being the domestic goddess that i am :P, i've mostly been successful... haha...

i'm glad that this year, we had the opportunity to invite our friends over to join us in our mooncake making session! my plan was to let our li'l ones have the opportunity to …

having fun @ gym class

we started off the new gym class this week and my 'li'l monkey' had loads of fun. think i'll just let the photos do the talking... (we are still trying to sort out the 'best' timing for the classes though - all the time slots are close to C's nap time and she's not very fun when she's tired and cranky)

sorry for the image quality - the new camera is just not doing a good job - maybe there's a setting that i ought to use that i don't know of? *sigh*

new playground

we went for a scheduled trial class @ mygym y'day and seems to me that C has heaps of fun. i was out of action due to an infection so daddy accompanied our li'l gal. despite the fact that she didn't take her nap, she was still happy to explore the place and while the center is smaller than gymboree (the nearby branch closed coz the rent doubled), it seems like there's more (challenging) equipment for my li'l monkey. the deal if we signed up for 2 semesters on the spot was the waiver of membership fees + S$60 off fees so we did. no photos though. will take some this week when the actual class starts on wed.