happy birthday to...

me! what?!?! another year has gone by again!?!? some of you have been asking... so here it is - my present from dh this year (he thinks i've been hoarding his for too long! keke...)don't ask me why its in orange - its not my fav. color - i'd blame it on dh's habit of buying presents last minute... tsk tsk! *how abt a digital SLR next year (or maybe as a push present for our next baby)* wink, wink! :)

photos from my 'celebratory dinner @ mingles la brassarie - big splash' using the new camera

yummy lobster pasta - unfortunately the lobster is tiny so its more like crayfish!

li'l princess part of our celebration this time round - she was sleeping in my sarong sling same time last year so no photo for comparison!


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