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"the best things in life are worth waiting for"
finally, after 6 loooooonnnnggggggg weeks, i visited the OB for the 2nd time. it has been a terrible, long wait, largely because paranoid thoughts kept nagging me. obviously, it didn't help that i have a mom who is over-paranoid, super naggy and constantly reminding me that its very 'easy' to miscarry the child!! i got "scolded" for drinking cold drinks or tea, for eating watermelon and pineapple, for wanting to go and play golf, for not eating enough, etc etc... of course, i know she means well but sometimes, the nagging just gets to me. yet, for the little one, i controlled my temper and kept my cool. i want a baby with good temperament! :)
before today, i kept wondering if little one is growing normally, whether or not his/her heart is beating, whether or not i am eating enough... and surely, the doctor visit will put my heart at ease!
the 2nd scan (ok, the doc gave me multiple scans) details his head (bum…