lone pine koala sanctuary, brisbane - day six part I

how can a holiday to australia not include visiting their native animals, right? as planned, we drove an hour+ north to the lone pine koala sanctuary.

after five days of relatively mild winter with temperatures hovering around early twenties... i decided this was how claire should be dressed and what do you know? the rains came falling down and the temperature went below 20 degrees...

our 1st stop was the barn animals - claire was really excited to see the animals - she couldn't stop squealing in delight and kept pointing at the animals for us to give her the names so we didn't manage to take many shots of her looking at the camera!

and after a while, her hands felt really cold so i took off my jacket to let dh 'wrap' it around her.

a photo with the free roaming skippies - you can't actually tell that it was raining but it was!

many, many skippies!

close up of a skippy - can u spot the joey?

daddy & bb tan with the other key resident of the sanctuary - dh decided that his jacket would do a better job keeping lil' one warm (plus i was starting to feel cold myself so he swopped the poncho with me).

close up of the koala & her lil' darling...

up close and personal with the koala - photos taken by professionals

Claire seated among the sheeps... after the sheepdog show

Betty, the sheepdog - she is very well trained and does her job very well

Claire after the visit - all muddy & dirty! we had to detour to the nearest mall to buy her new socks and shoes coz i just couldn't take her dirtiness!

we came such a long way to see the koalas & kangaroos - 6173km!


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