Getting back into the hang of things

I realised over the past couple of days the reasons why I blogged so infrequently in the last two years... 

1) I barely turned on the computer since I got my hands on the ipad since it practically does everything I need to do. The only times I had the turn on the computer was because some pages did not load properly on the ipad (namely those that were running adobe flash content though there ARE ways to get around that problem).

2) I suffer from insomnia only when I am pregnant and my creative juices only flow in the middle of the night when all is quiet (like now!)

3) Facebook has made it much easier to share updates and photos with

So that explains why I have blogged more in the past two months than the entire of last year! :P and I suppose that means you will be reading more frequent updates on us for the next four months at least!

Another reason would also be that I've downloaded the blogger app on my iphone and ipad and that allows me to upload a photo and blog almost instantly - Hurray for technology advancement!


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