sleepless in SG...

Its 4am and I'm up again... I simply cannot understand why I have to keep waking up at unearthly hours - had a full day of training in the office today (my brain cells were ALL killed in the process) and by the time dh came around to pick me up, I was practically a walking zombie! We went to bed slightly after 10pm so that means I've only had 6 hours of sleep... *sigh*

I'm glad that my activities today will revolve only around C and not work... that would give my brain cells some time to recover! The upside of waking up at unearthly hours is that I usually find quiet time to clear some of the things that I need/want to do - today, I finally managed to sort out the (printed) photos from C's 2nd birthday party - a large # to be discarded as they are either duplicated or of 'unpleasant' angles. I want to continue working on the scrapbook but these printed photos are of the 'wrong size' so I will need to 'get them' to be of size that I want! As for her studio session, I still have not found the time to sieve through and select the ones that we want.

Considering that C's birthday is more than 3 months ago, you can probably imagine the amount of backlog that I have to clear - both on the homefront and my work! doesn't help that my all-in-one printer/scanner decides to conk out on me at this time!

With the impending arrival of #2, I really doubt I will be able to clear the backlog of work and we haven't even set up the baby cot! Over the past few weekends though, dh has done a great job repainting our living room area (C used my work rubber stamp and 'decorated' the walls)... I know it is hard work for him, simply because he is not born to do such 'laborious' work and I really appreciate the effort that he put in for us (normally, I would be the one who 'volunteers' for such chores, simply because I enjoy doing them much more than him!)


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