writer's block

I’ve always enjoyed writing – it serves as an outlet for me to express my thoughts and more importantly to record my memories; very important if you have a goldfish memory like me. I’m one of those who have cluttered thoughts almost all the time – too many random thoughts and by writing them down, I somehow get organized. This also applies to my work – I have to write down the things that I have to do all the time, otherwise they just get ‘forgotten’ amongst the clutter in my brain. Yes, I am a product of the multi-tasking generation…

Of late though, I find myself suffering from writer’s block – I just don’t know where to start. It doesn’t help that there’s not a lot going on in my life – with the latest H1N1 virus going around (& school holiday crowd everywhere), we’ve been staying home most of the time. At my present state, I fall into the ‘high-risk’ category, together with dd, and really, it is the last thing that we want to get infected with.

At the same time, my two babies at home took turns to fall ill so I have been ‘paying off’ the sleep debt together with them. We practically spent all our afternoons napping in the last one week!

With just over a month to go before we welcome the fourth member of our family, things are starting to get pretty busy – at work, I have to clear as much of my production as possible, sort out all the necessary admin work that I can and complete the training hours for the year. At home, I have to sort out those clothing that #2 will be able to inherit from his sister, get them hand washed by the maid and teach the maid some basic culinary skills so that she can help me out with the cooking during my confinement.

And ah, talking about confinement – its interesting how ALL the folks at home only worry about my meals when that is really the last thing on my mind. I mean how difficult can it be to brew some nutritious soup (just throw everything into the slow cooker) and whip out a dish or two (I don’t eat a lot remember?). I am a master chef after all. What I am genuinely concern about, is how I am going to take care of an active 2 year old who sticks to me like superglue when we are home, a newborn baby, breastfeed and get enough rest? Rest being the ‘KEY’ reason for doing confinement, isn’t it? I definitely welcome any help to come over to entertain my 2 year old during the 28 (or 40, if you like) days that I am supposed to be resting. Anyone?

On the home front, I am glad that we finally have a relatively decent domestic helper – I won’t need to worry about the cleaning in the house. She is Filipino and she understands us (though a bit slow to catch sometimes and a tad too forgetful). As per my previous posts, we are not fastidious employers – all we want is someone clean (we’re talking about her own personal hygiene – the previous one was really a disaster), honest, able to complete our list of chores with minimal supervision and understands us. She’s been okay so far – ‘cept for 2 things:

1) dd has not quite warmed up to her yet. I don’t need her to take care of dd 24-7; as long as dd is willing to play with her for short intervals (20 – 30 mins perhaps?) during the day, I would be able to get some breathing space. And that is all I need.


2) if you don’t give her instructions to do something, she’ll just sit there. So after she completes her morning chores, takes her bath and have her lunch, she’ll take afternoon naps. And she goes to bed at 8pm (its now 6.15am and she’s still not up yet) – good life working for us, isn’t it? I think she gets more sleep that I do!

#2 updates – at approximately 35 weeks’, I have put on a total of 5.6kg & #2 is estimated to be 2406g. He still refuses to let us do the 4D scan (to see his face)… and we still haven’t decided on his name!! Would it be Caleb, Corwin, Chase or Clyde?


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