daddy's birthday

C's daddy, i.e. this is the 3rd year that C is celebrating with her daddy - as for me, well - we've known each other since 1997 or so... so i can safely say, more than 10 times? hmm... next year this time, there will be four of us. :)

we are not that into big celebrations - usually its just dinner together as a family (and another two with the extended families) and we haven't even had a cake in years (dh is not a big fan of cakes)! thanks to a dear friend though, we have a cake this year! :P

so here's our feast for today - the in(famous) Sin Huat Crab Bee-Hoon (Lor 35 Geylang) with garlic prawns & some healthy vegg... yum yum!

close up of garlic prawns

dh's slice of mango cake (excuse C's messy hair - she just took her bath!)

some may argue that it is different when you do takeaways - maybe its the lack of ambience (of a dirty coffeeshop or waiting hours to order/get your food) or not being ripped off (the ave. bill per head drops to S$50 or less if you do takeaways as opposed to eating there and being hackled to order more food - sssshhhh!! dun tell danny i said that!). me, however, enjoy eating at home more coz i really don't fancy waiting for food, being ripped off nor 'fighting' with the crabs in public - though i must add that danny does a great job with the crabs and not much 'fighting' is required.


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