new toy and new photos...

happy birthday to me... :)

another year has gone by in a flash... hopefully i've also become another year wiser... july has always been my fav. month in a year since both our birthdays (dh & i) and our ROM anniversary fall in this month... with another few more days to go, we might just have another reason to love July... i.e. if #2 decides to come early. although we both would prefer not since we still have uncompleted work to do.

sweet DH got me the dSLR that i wanted as a pressie this year and we spent the morning having fun, taking photos as a family. its so nice to have crisp & clear photos as compared to what you get with a PNS camera - there's just no denying that u get better quality photos with a dSLR and here's the photo evidence!

as you can see, even our pets got into the (photo) action... i did macro shots of our fishes and it has been a while since chewy has nice clear photos (since he's such a bundle of energy and we only get blur photos trying to capture his movement!) and he clearly enjoyed being a photo subject!


Sweets said…
hey, so which dslr did you get? I'm still on research stage :P)
abs0lut_v0dka said…
what kinda features are u looking out for? i got the olympus e-450 with the twin lens kit.

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