insomnia AGAIN!

i seriously need to stop waking up at unearthly hour like 2, 3am in the mornings - i mean, i will probably to do lots of that when #2 is out but for now, what i really need is good sleep. i've been running on overdrive the past few weeks - first, with the two darlings at home falling sick, then with me realising that i am seriously running out of time to clear my work for the year. i end each day exhausted - either because 1) i've been training the maid 2) i've been spending heaps of time with #1 (and in my current state, it just totally tires me out) or 3) i've been seeing clients/running to the office to sort out my admin work. i collapse on the bed and just zone out in front of the tv, doze off and get woken up abruptly (either because i need to pee real badly or due to dh's snoring) at approximately the same time (almost) every night - 2am to 3am. then i am unable to fall back asleep - talking about vicious cycles!

you would probably suggest that i nap when dd naps but its just out of the question - when i am home with her, it normally means that i have tons of paperwork to sort out or that i am training the new maid (yes, new still - less than 1 month with us) so when dd naps, its usually the best time for me to 'accomplish' as much as possible. i love it when she takes 4 hours nap but that doesn't happen very often - if i'm lucky, once a week. the rest of the days, she will take an hour nap or the most, 2!

i have been getting a lot of questions about the new maid (mostly due to concern) since i've not posted much about her - well, no news is good news, isn't it? she's been relatively good as i've said in my previous post - doing what i need her to do (mostly)... but she is a bit of a grouch. i know she misses home (and her daughter) coz she has been crying herself to sleep and i really empathize with her so i encourage her to write and call home... dd is probably a constant reminder to her about her daughter (who is just a year older). it doesn't help that she doesn't have very much to do - so her mind has plenty of time to idle. i try to keep her busy and take her out when we go out but there's only so much i can do... sigh, anyone has 'homesick remedy' for her? i'm not sure if she can last 2 years at this rate.


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