home run...

we are less than 3 weeks' from the arrival of #2 - in fact, our OB 'predicts' that i will go into labor next week based on the fact that #2 is already 60% engaged - i am totally not ready since i still have plenty to do at work.

on homefront, we are more or less ready - the baby cot was set up for C's use so that she will not roll over didi at night - and she has been co-operating by sleeping into the cot since it was up last weekend. i also spent some time sewing pillow cases for my 2 little babies last weekend - need to find more blue cloth though! we also bought a pack of newborn diapers to standby - anyone who has had a baby will know how much diapers they use in the initial months!

it has become increasing difficult for me to move around, no thanks to the bulge... even turning from one side to another on the bed is a chore! not to mention the numerous times i have to wake up each night to pee with the bb constantly pressing on my bladder. 38" is (hopefully) the biggest that i've ever been in my whole life - now i wonder how i'm going lose all those weight after delivery... *sigh*


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