princess' 3 months milestone

our little gal has turned 3 months old! it seems that now we are not supposed to calculate by weeks but rather by months so 12 weeks is not = to 3 months apparently as opposed to the time when she's still in my womb. i'm sure its a matter of time when we stop recording the events by days, weeks and months but by years but till then, I am savouring every moment I spend with this little gem.

on monday, i took her to the hospital to have her 5-in-1 vaccination. like all parents, i was very anxious about her developing a reaction (and thus a fever). true enough, she starting having a slight fever on monday night. we tried giving her paracetamol prescribed by her PD and after which, she threw up possibly all the milk she had for the day! it was not hard to see that she was extremely miserable. on tuesday morning, i attempted once again to give her a dose of the medication. this time i diluted the mixture with water (the mixture is actually too thick and gluey for her to swallow (not forgetting it probably doesn't taste too pleasant) and i succeeded getting most of it down. this morning i attempted again to give her another dose and again did quite well. guess it helps to have some common sense; baby cannot swallow thick fluids since she's only ever had breast milk - a pat on my own back. anyhow, i hope the fever doesn't ever come back.

i collected her studio shots yesterday and so finally managed to complete the photo project that i've been working on for weeks. sorry if i'm a bit thick-skinned but i think my little gal is a model in the making! any talent scout out there? haha... enjoy these photos along with me.


isabelle foo said…
very nice potrait your baby girl has..may i know which studio please? my girl is turning 4 mth old. :)
isabelle foo said…
oh yeah..
her blog..:)

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