losing count of weeks

i finally lost count of how many weeks old princess is now and so i understand why its easier to just track her growth by months(she's 3.5 months now). :) someone once told me that having a bb gal is like having a life size doll (albeit a very heavy one) to 'play' with it. i honestly can't remember who told me that but it is quite true. i must add that dh and i are both NOT fans of dolls (i used to rip off the heads of barbie dolls belonging to my sis and dh just gets reminded of "chucky" when he sees any doll) however i'm having loads of fun dressing her up. here's a couple of new shots we took recently...

here with her (larger than) life size portrait, wearing a head band for the first time...

in this summer must-have - a colorful carter's sundress that brings out the youth in her

enjoying a cuppa @ starbucks with mummy (no, i'm the one enjoying the cuppa actually - she only gets breastmilk, nothing else!) in her 'i'm a little princess' bib and definitely enjoy the comfortable couch.

in a hooded Polo Ralph jacket and baggy pants - true rapper style! only lacking the bling bling for now...


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