celebrating my birthday @...

dh took me out for dinner last night - our first 'twosome' night out since claire joined us. i chose Indulgz based on xiaxue's recommendation and we ordered the following:
  1. Indulgz's Lobster Bisque with Crabmeat Soup ****
  2. Deep-fried Camembert Cheese with Indulgz's Mixed Berry Compote **
  3. Indulgz's Signature Butterfish Steak ****
  4. Beef Bolognaise Baked Rice ***
  5. Banana & Cream Smoothie ***
  6. Iced Blackcurrant Tea **
the bill came up to $80+ (can't remember the exact amount) and personally, i don't think it was worth it - for that amount of money, i could have enjoy Sin Huat's absolutely fabulous crab beehoon (never mind its in a dirty coffee shop quite near the red light district) with leftover change. otherwise, i could have paid a bit more (like 20 bucks or so) and enjoy fantastic foie gras @ DOMVS or Vis-a-Vis! i've indicated how many stars we gave for each of the items we ordered (out of a possible 5). we give *** for ambience and ** for service.

i conclude that miss xiaxue never really had very tasty food before or perhaps, she was paid to say nice things about Indulgz? or, their target market is young adults who have not actually eaten GOOD food - for a BISTRO, i think Indulgz is overpriced. Plus, the service is not up to (my) standard - we were refused more 'comfortable' sofa seats despite the fact that there was hardly anyone else (only 3 other tables were taken) - every table had the 'reserved' sign on it. a caucasian fella with his SPG galfren who came in after us were also refused the 'comfortable' seats and they walked out. we were seated DIRECTLY in front of the aircon vent - the constant cold drift got me out of there in double time - i didn't even want to stay for dessert (and mind you, i ALWAYS have dessert when i eat out). i told dh that we should have walked out too when they refused to let us sit where we wanted. a very nerdy waiter 'popped' out from behind the bar counter 5 mins after we arrived (we stood @ the entrance like idiots for the first 5 mins) - oh well, i guess... lesson learnt - never trust the recommendations of someone younger than u! haha...

chubby hubby's recommendation is more trustworthy for sure - we ate @ ming kee on dh's birthday and the food was really decent (and they let me sit where i wanted - very important for a breastfeeeding mother).

* the fish was pretty good though (save for the pathetic portion) - somewhat like the monk's fish i enjoyed @ DOMVS


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